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A damaged leadlight can often be repaired on-site as long as the leadlight is structurally sound. Often a visit is needed to assess whether the leadlight has to be taken out and cared for at our studio, with a temporary glaze provided. Keeping the leadlights originality is important to us and so matching the glass is important. We have a large range of old glass and work with affiliated industries to be able to match any broken glass in your beautiful old leadlights.



With restoration, the main objective is to maintain the original integrity of the panels as much as possible, while restoring them. This can be quite a difficult exercise if the panels are extensively damaged and no original documentation of them is available.

The panels are firstly documented and carefully removed and transported to The Glass Mandala studio where they are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with new lead cames and solder, taking particular care to reproduce original crafting idiosyncrasies. Water proofing cement is thoroughly forced into all leads. Great care is taken throughout this whole process, particularly with any painted areas as the paint may be removed if the cleaning technique is too aggressive so some exploratory tests may need to be undertaken.

From our experience many panels that have historic and artistic value have not been properly documented and the true value of the panels may be lost if the panel is damaged and cannot be restored to its original form. The Glass Mandala offers a documentation and professional archiving service where a personal folio of a panel/s is produced for the owner or conservator. The folio is provided in both electronic and hard copy forms and, if required, confidentially stored by The Glass Mandala.



The design and style of a panel should compliment the existing style or period of your house/building. Particularly if the new panels are in line of sight of existing leadlights. When choosing a leadlight design it is best to take into account where the panel is situated - that is, its application and function.

Questions you might ask yourself when choosing a design are: do you want privacy, how much light do you need, is the panel going to be a feature or do you want it to compliment your d├ęcor? The Glass Mandala is experienced in helping:

  • The client choose the best design to suit your beautiful home;
  • And guide you with design options and colours.